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Ex proof Double side sticker labeler


The equipment adopts a large touch screen, which is easy to operate, and the parameters are displayed at a glance, which truly realizes the man-machine dialogue.

Using Japan's Mitsubishi PLC program control system, the performance is more stable.

Using Japanese photoelectric sensor for measuring objects, the sensitivity of sensing objects is higher

Adopt optical fiber label photoelectric sensor, which is sensitive and easy to adjust

Using explosion-proof stepper motor, stable performance and high labeling accuracy

Adopt French Schneider inverter for speed regulation, the performance is more stable

The label feeding buffer device ensures that the label will not be pulled off during the operation

The equipment has coordinated actions, runs smoothly and stably, is durable and has a long service life.



The machine is specially designed for use in environments requiring explosion protection. It can be used for full or half-around labeling of cylindrical products such as bottles, barrels, pails, drums etc. One or two labels can be attached on the same product. It has high labeling accuracy, and the function of fixed-point positioning labeling



Model No.


 Labeling Heads QTY

Labeling Accuracy

±1.0-2.0mm (Material and label error not included)

Suitable for Label size

Length 20-275mm; Width 20-200mm (other size custom made)

Production Capcity

10-30BPM (related with material and label size)

Label Roll Inner Size


Label Roll Outer Size




Power Source

AC220V;50Hz;1P; 2kw

Control Mode

Touch Screen + PLC

Main Material

SUS304 & sandblasted aluminum alloy

Anti-explosive Design


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